Flourishing Under Austerity, 2020
tree branch, raku and glazed ceramics, found rocks, found flower, wood post, plexi, inkjet print

Cascade/A Loss of Balance (to Erode, to Relinquish, to Give Way to Another Day), 2019
tree branch, raku and glazed ceramics, eucalyptus, dried rose, orchid flower, concrete, mirror plexi, string, hardware

The Right Hand, the Left Path, 2020
tree branches, glazed ceramics, earth, inkjet print, string

Remnants of the Fire, 2020
tree branch, burnt eucalyptus, raku fired ceramics, inkjet print, charcoal, eucalyptus leaf, string

Droplet (Verticality), 2020
tree branches, glazed ceramics, orchid flower, dried eucalyptus, dried orchid flower, petrified wood, string

Do Flower's Know That They Bloom?, 2019
tree branch, raku and glazed ceramics, flowers, earth, dried flowers, inkjet print, string, hardware

Balancing Act (to Teeter but Not Totter), 2019/2020
tree branch, glazed ceramics, dried eucalyptus, dried flowers, moss, rocks, string, hardware, plexi

To Deny the Realities of the Past, is to Deny the Hopes of the Future (To Break a Promise with Time and Reason), 2019
dried staghorn fern frond, common ash wood, unidentified tree branch, mirror plexi, string, hardware

An Interconnected Domino Effect (a Claw, a Tree, a Bee, and Everything in Between), 2019
common ash wood, glazed ceramics, dried orchid flower, dead bee, string, nail

A Monument to Nature (Versus Nurture), 2018
dried palmilla fern leaves, dirt, concrete, steel, plaster, oil paint, acrylic paint, ceramic

Are We the Masters of Our Environment, or is it the Other Way Around?, 2018
boston fern, soil, rocks, concrete, steel, plaster, mirrored plexi, rope, oil paint, acrylic paint, ceramics

Listen, Look. Stop., 2018
moss, dirt, concrete, steel, mirrored plexi, oil paint

KaDeWe (Kah Day Vey), 2018
vine plant, soil, concrete, steel, plaster, oil paint, acrylic paint, ceramics


Urth Intimacy/Intimately, 2018
dried banana leaf, peat moss, concrete, plaster, nail, inkjet transfer

Duality, 2015
vinyl windows, caulk, wood, drywall, screws, laytex paint, florescent lights, plexi

The American Dream, Passed Down From George Washington to Oma, 2016
boxwood shrub, plaster, digital print, LED lights, plexi, wood, screws, dirt

A Perfect (Imperfect) Circle, 2016
plaster, wood, rope, lazy susan, metal, oil paint

A Patch of Moss is Growing, 2015/16
concrete, moss, mirrored plexi

The Laborious Tasks of the 9-5 Commuter (Fuck, I Just Want to Go Back to the Catskills), 2015
dirt, sod, fluorescent lights, wood, plastic, '98 Chevy Blazer

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